Ladder Golf Soft Bolas

Sale price$9.90

These Ladder Golf brand Soft Bolas are made from slightly larger plastic balls in place of the traditional golf balls. Made to the exact length and weight as Ladder Golf brand Hard Bolas, these bolas are great for indoor play and kids. Choose from a wide selection of vibrant coloured bolas to expand and enhance your gameplay. Exact same rope length and ball weight as our official golf ball bolas.

Set of 3 Soft Bolas made with soft, flexible plastic ball that make indoor Ladder Golf play possible.

Made with quality materials that reduce the risk of damage to your Ladder Golf game ladders or other objects in the vicinity.

Additional sets of Ladder Golf Soft Bolas allow for additional people or teams, each player needs their own colour bolas to play. The more bolas you have the more people can play.

Pair with Ladder Golf tossing games – including our Extreme Metal Edition – for the ultimate gameplay experience.

1 Year warranty
Colour: green