Immerse yourself in a cacoon of tranquillity and solitude, in our cozy and inviting cacoons that offer a rejuvenating escape from the world.


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Cacoon BeboCacoon Bebo
Cacoon Bebo Sale price$329.00
Cacoon SingleCacoon Single
Cacoon Single Sale price$399.00
Cacoon DoubleCacoon Double
Cacoon Double Sale price$449.00
Cacoon SongoCacoon Songo
Cacoon Songo Sale price$599.00
Tripod Brackets for 90x90 PostsTripod Brackets for 90x90 Posts
Tripod Hanging Chair StandTripod Hanging Chair Stand
Tripod Hanging Chair Stand Sale price$399.00
Tree Sling for Hanging Chairs and Cacoon
Cacoon CoverCacoon Cover
Cacoon Cover Sale priceFrom $69.00
Cacoon Bug Net Single
Cacoon Bug Net Single Sale price$59.00