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Frescobol – the ultimate beach sport heading to the sand near you! This game has many names depending on geographic location: Frescobol in Brazil, Matkot in Israel, Raccettoni in Italy, and Paleta in Mexico. Work with your partner in this fast pace paddle ball game instead of against them. Rally together for hours of fun.

These solid-wood paddles are made of 9 individual pieces of wood bonded together to form this eye-catching Beach Stripe design. Natural wood grains made each paddle unique.

Extra flair added with the neoprene handle grip:1 black and 1 blue; so comfortable you can play all day.

Includes 2 solid wood paddles, 1 frescobol ball, and a canvas drawstring storage-bag.

Beautiful and durable paddles treated with a water and sand resistant finish.

Enjoy this game at any outdoor space: beach, park, or your backyard.

A fun co-operative game that requires you to work as a team rather than against one another.

1 Year warranty