Deluxe Polyester Macrame Chair With Fringe Fog Grey

Sale price$199.00

Laze in the cloud of plush cushions that make up the seat of the Deluxe Macrame chair and float in the breeze drifting through your outdoor space.

This seat is designed for your personal comfort thanks to the large seat, extra deep cushions and swivel hanging hook - allowing you to enjoy the best view for every time of day. The perfect hanging chair for bedrooms, sun-room, kid's room, living room, patio, porches and beyond.

Item includes cushion, powder-coated steel frame, and pre-affixed swiveling joint.

Length: 81 cm
Width: 81 cm
Height: 152 cm
Capacity: 100 kg
Fabric: Polyester

This product is for use for all ages, but is not suitable for unsupervised children