Ladder Golf Original Tournament Edition

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This Ladder Golf Tournament Edition is great for tournaments or team play. With all parts included for a 2 to 4 player game of Ladder ball, set up and game play is a breeze.

To play this incredibly competitive game, space the ladders out 15 ft/4.5m or 5 paces apart and determine the starting team/player. Each player tosses all 3 bolas before the next player begins their turn. Points are scored from bolas that remain hanging on the ladder after both players have thrown, with the winner of each round scoring first toss of the next. The first team or player to reach exactly 21 points claims the victory.

The original Ladder Golf game made with a durable wood frame; improved rungs include threaded inserts and connecting knobs. Solid hardwood uprights and oversized knobs are an upgrade to our original Ladder Ball game introduced in 2003. 

The Ladder Golf brand game is the original tossing game that started the entire Ladder Golf craze.

Comes with the Ladder Golf quality guarantee.

Vibrant coloured bolas are made with real golf balls and custom designed brass inserts for the premium nylon rope. Easily visible and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick and easy setup: insert the rungs, screw in the knobs, space the ladders apart and begin game-play.

Includes 2 game ladders, 1 set of green bolas and 1 set of white bolas, connecting bolts, and a set of Official Ladder Game rules, all fit into a heavy-duty nylon carry-bag.

1 Year warranty