Noodle Floatz Single Mat

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Made for one, this float is fantastic for lounging partially in the water. Great for southern, hot climates and the user who enjoys cooling off in the water. Due to the single layer, this float is ergonomically friendly - conforming to the natural curve of the body to provide the ultimate comfort. 
  • Lounge in the water as the float conforms to your body's natural curves; great for southern, hot climates
  • The Noodle Floatz body is designed for long life and created to last multiple uses and multiple seasons
  • Noodle Floatz’ patented cell system is designed to fit pool noodles with a width of 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) and length of 52 inches (132 cm), folded or cut for single width floatz
  • The quick-drying polyester top makes for a comfortable float, while the porous sling bottom provides speedy drainage after a long day of use. All fabric and materials are water and pool friendly 
  • This float requires 14 pool noodles. (Noodles Included)


Assembled Length: 66 cm/26 in
Assembled Width: 178 cm/70 in
Assembled Height: 6.5 cm/2.5 in 
Capacity: 114 kg/250 lb
Fabric: Polyester and Acrylic Sling
1 Year Warranty